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President Message

We are evolving into a global company by a transparent and reasonable management principle!

A company
most trusted
by customers.

We, Song-Kang GLC, very appreciate your valuable interest for our products.

Song-Kang GLC has devoted itself with utmost efforts to be a trustable leader in supplying equipment, tool and device in livestock field including ultra-sound animal pregnancy scanner and animal backfat thickness measuring device since 1992.

Now, Song Kang GLC stands as one of the most outstanding brand names by our valuable customers and launched our items into global market.

We promise our customers that we will provide our upgraded brand-new products to the market at an affordable price level in time continuously. Through this way, we believe that Song Kang glc can reward our valuable customers' supports.

In order to develop and improve livestock industry in the world, we'll keep trying to innovate and upgrade our customer-friendly products.

And continuous investment for improving high-end livestock devises will be our top priority in future as well as it has been so far.

We will do our best to develop best quality products that contribute to livestock industry and to be the responsible, passionate global company rewarding your supports.

Sincerely yours, President Seong-Oh, Won